Must Visit Attractions of Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida is a highly populated tourist spot that is mainly distinguished by its world-renowned theme parks. However, Orlando has much to offer besides its parks- a rich art and museum scene to beautiful trees-lined neighborhoods to lip-smacking cuisine and many more unique experiences. Do experience its theme parks but remember to check out other attractions of this magical city as well. We present a few to grab your eyeballs.

  • Walt Disney World

There would be a rare individual who might not have heard about the Walt Disney World even if they haven’t visited it. The king of all theme parks, it has a massive complex which has four major theme parks- Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and the Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If this was not enough, you can bask in the vintage Disney i.e. the Magic Kingdom which boasts of Cinderella Castle, It’s a Small World and the Haunted Mansion — the classics. You could probably spend your entire vacation exploring this one destination.

  • Sea World

This renowned aquatic theme park has recently been updated to an interactive, high-tech marine playground. Not only do you get to see the magical world of sea animals like dolphins, whales, seals etc. but their numerous shows and the interactions and close encounters with them makes it a big family crowd puller. The time simply flies off in this aqua world.

  • Wall Street Plaza

What’s a vacation without some pure unadulterated fun? You simply cannot miss this ‘go-to’ location in downtown Orlando. Sprawled over 10,000 feet, the pace flaunts an eclectic mix of nightclubs, bars, shopping malls and plenty of outdoor party space. With numerous events, parties, celebrations, night life, karaoke, drinking games, bingo and various other activities; it is the destination to be. It is one of the best spot for weekend life as well as night life.

  • Harry P Leu Gardens

Flaunting nearly 50 acres of landscaped ground and lakes, this botanical oasis will enthrall any plant lover. Gifted to the city of Orlando by Mr. Harry P. Leu and his wife, Mary Jane in 1961; the park is a perfect destination for some family time and memorable souvenirs to buy.


Orlando thinks about all age-groups including toddlers. Spanned over 150 acres, it calls to the creativity of young minds to the hilt. Treating them to over 50 rides and keeping them entertained with several shows and many other attractions; the park has everything from pirates to medieval castles. Be prepared that your toddler will refuse to budge from the park.

  • Islands of Adventure 

Get your adrenaline pumping in this island of adventure! Not meant for the faint-hearted, its roller coaster rides and other thrilling rides will make your knuckles go white with gripping for safety. Its latest attraction, ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ is attracting people in droves.

Wrapping up 

The above mentioned places were just the icing on the cake. Orlando has just about something to offer to any taste and like. The city will make you fall in love with itself and you will surely rue bidding it goodbye.

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